Chapter 9: Mailboxes

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Section 1: Overview

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Mailbox installation and placement present many challenges to sign crews. Mailboxes must be installed correctly and in an appropriate location. Sign crews are also responsible for dealing with mailboxes and mailbox supports that do not meet crash worthiness standards.

This chapter describes some of the basic issues related to mailbox installation, including the proper placement and installation of mailboxes and mailbox supports. Requirements for mailbox object markers and advice for dealing with non-compliant mailboxes and supports are also provided.

Standard sheets MB-15(1) and Placement Guidelines MB-14(2) provide additional information about mailbox installation. These standard sheets are maintained by the Maintenance Division and are available on the TxDOT web site. Type “CAD Standards” in the search field. The mailbox standard sheets can be found in the Maintenance Standards Plan Sheets in the TxDOT CAD Standard Plan Files.

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