Manual Notice: 2009-1

From: Carol T. Rawson, P.E., Traffic Operations

Manual: Sign Crew Field Book

Effective Date: October 01, 2009


The purpose of this manual revision is to introduce a new manual, the Sign Crew Field Book, to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Online Manual System. Prior to the publication of the first edition of the Sign Crew Field Book in 1997, which has been available only in hard-copy format, field sign crews in TxDOT districts had to rely on the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD), the TxDOT Traffic Control Standard Sheets, or instructions from supervisors to determine the most effective placement of traffic signs on conventional highways. However, as these documents primarily addressed sign design and selection, with less detailed information on sign placement, the Sign Crew Field Book was developed to provide district sign crews with information beyond that contained in the TMUTCD or the TxDOT Traffic Engineering Standard Sheets to improve statewide uniformity in the placement of traffic signs.


The contents of the Sign Crew Field Book have been revised from the existing hard-copy edition of the manual to reflect new and updated policies and standards of TxDOT and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) pertaining to the placement of signs, mailboxes and other devices on highway right-of-way. Because this field book is specifically intended for use by district sign crews, it emphasizes the use of tables and graphics and contains only limited amounts of text.


Address questions concerning information contained in this manual to Michael Chacon of the TxDOT Traffic Operations Division, 512-416-3120.


Since this is a new online manual, there are no previous versions in archives.

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