Chapter 8: Markers and Delineation

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Section 1: Overview

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Roadside markers consist of object markers, delineators, and barrier reflectors. They are intended to provide motorists recognition and guidance information about roadside features. Each type of roadside marker has a particular use, but all provide guidance to drivers when roadway conditions necessitate additional guidance above and beyond pavement marking capabilities. Typical features where roadside markers are usually provided include horizontal curves, bridges, guardrails, exit and entrance ramps to controlled access facilities, and the like. Roadside markers can be used for a wide variety of conditions and must be considered for each specific situation. Consequently, there are many different roadside marker applications for the various conditions along Texas roadways. Chevrons and large arrow signs are also commonly used in horizontal curves and are included in this chapter.

This chapter has been developed to provide the user basic concepts as well as general roadside marker treatments. The general design and use of object markers, delineators, barrier reflectors, chevrons, and large arrow signs are presented, as well as generic treatments of each. The actual number of different treatments is potentially endless and therefore, only the most common treatments are supplied as examples. Additional information is also provided so that proper roadside marker treatments can be implemented in practically any situation.

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