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Section 2: Types of Mailboxes and Installations

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For all residents whose mail is delivered from a road on the state highway system, TxDOT provides the necessary hardware to mount a mailbox that meets the size and weight requirements shown in Table 9-1. This hardware includes the post/support and the mounting bracket. TxDOT personnel also install the mailbox in the highway right-of-way.

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Types of Mailboxes

There are three sizes of mailboxes as indicated in Table 9-1. The dimensions for the large mailbox represent the maximum size allowed for a mailbox.

Table 9-1: Mailbox Sizes


Typical Dimensions (inches)

Maximum Weight (pounds)*





19 ½





22 ½


11 ½



23 ½

11 ½

13 ½


*Excluding molded plastic on a 4 x 4 post

Mailboxes shall be constructed of lightweight sheet metal or lightweight plastic material. Heavy steel, cast iron, or decorative mailboxes shall not be used on the state highway system. Field crews that are uncertain about whether a mailbox meets the criteria should contact the Maintenance Division. Section 7 in this chapter provides an example letter that can be provided to residents who have a mailbox that does not meet TxDOT criteria.

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Types of Mailbox Installations

There are several types of mailbox installations:

  • Single mailbox installation: One mailbox is installed on a single support.
  • Double mailbox installation: Two mailboxes are installed on a single support.
  • Multiple mailbox installation: Three to five mailboxes are installed on a single support. A multiple mount is normally used if there are three or more mailboxes at a single location. Five mailboxes can be installed only if all of them are the small size.
  • Neighbor Delivery and Collection Box Units: NDCBUs, or community mailboxes, are a type of mailbox installation that serves a large number of residents, such as at an apartment complex or mobile home park. TxDOT is not responsible for the installation and maintenance of NDCBUs. This type of mailbox is installed by the Post Office. If possible, these mailbox units should be installed on low volume intersecting roadways or on private property. If it is essential for a NDCBU to be located on the right-of-way, TxDOT must be contacted to designate an acceptable location.
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