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Section 9: Abrasives

The most economical materials used in snow and ice control are abrasives. However, abrasives on the road must be removed and sweeping adds expenses. Abrasives can also cause damage to windshields and auto paint. To avoid windshield and other minor damage, districts may consider using lightweight (grade 5 or smaller) aggregate as abrasives.

Fine abrasives can potentially cause problems on PFC Pavement by inhibiting drainage through the pavement structure. Each district's plan should identify all PFC Pavement. Only de-icing material that becomes completely soluble should be used.

A mixture of solid chemical and abrasives is effective in treating roadways in some areas. The mixture ensures abrasives will be present to help provide traction and to give the public a visual clue that ice may be present and that TxDOT is working the event. The addition of solid chemicals will assist in keeping ice slushy and will expedite melting as freezing temperatures end.

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