Chapter 9: Alternate Methods


Section 1: Overview

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Proactive Approaches

A winter maintenance program consists of several elements with varying degrees of importance depending on the size of the operational jurisdiction it covers. The traditional method of only clearing snow and ice off a road after it falls or builds up is no longer acceptable.

The traveling public demands a more proactive approach from TxDOT in clearing snow accumulation and preventing the development of bonded snow and ice on the roads. Technology has provided various alternate methods to help keep roads clear of snow and ice during inclement weather. Both installation costs and yearly upkeep costs vary depending on the complexity of the system chosen; therefore the level of service requirements of a particular road must be considered and evaluated to determine a system’s viability. Costs can range from a few thousand dollars to over a million dollars just to get started.

This chapter presents some of the alternative methods that have been used successfully.

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