Section 2: Anti/De-icing Materials

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Blanket Purchases

Anti/de-icing materials are available from state term contract(s) including rock salt, calcium magnesium acetate (CMA), magnesium chloride (liquid and solid) and sand. Reference the De-icing Material Report for additional information regarding anti/de-icing materials in-stock under the General Commodity heading at http://crossroads/org/gsd/SSD/MaterialsMgmt/Tools/Operational/winter_items_2016.xlsx.

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Small Purchases/Emergency Purchases

In situations where a term contract is not available, regions may use small purchase procedures. If an emergency situation requires the purchase of anti/de-icing material, regions will follow the procedures for an emergency purchase.

NOTE: Purchasing procedures may be found at the PRO intranet site:


NOTE: additional useful information can be found in the Purchasing Manual, Chapter 3-Determining Methods of Purchase, Section1-Emergency Purchases at http://gsd-ultraseek/txdotmanuals/pro/determining_methods_of_purchase.htm

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