Section 4: District Reporting

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Reports from Each Maintenance Section

Reporting at the district level is normally a procedure that is outlined in the district’s Snow and Ice Control Plan. See Chapter 1, Section 2, “District Snow and Ice Control Plan.” The information needs of each district should be met by their reporting requirements. A typical district level report includes detailed information from each maintenance section that can be used to answer public complaints and requests for information during a snow and ice storm. This information is also used by the district maintenance office to coordinate the movement of personnel and equipment to areas hardest hit by the storm.

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What to Include

The information that should be included in a report from a maintenance section to the district maintenance office is:

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  • The time that the snow and ice fighting operations began and the time operations ended
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  • What type of response has been activated? For example are the crews applying ice control materials? Are the crews plowing snow? Are the crews plowing snow and applying ice control materials?
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  • The depth of accumulated snow on the roadway surface and general roadway conditions.

Information needs may increase during longer periods of winter weather such as anticipated manpower or equipment needs.

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