Section 2: District Snow and Ice Control Plans

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Elements of a Snow and Ice Control Plan

Each district shall have a written "Snow and Ice Control Plan" which shall be updated by October 31 annually. Due to the wide variance of weather and types and durations of winter storms throughout Texas, each district will need to develop a plan specific to meet their particular needs to be reviewed and approved by the District Engineer. All district plans, at a minimum, shall include these elements:

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  • describe district goals
  • describe methods to be used
  • may include varying levels of service due to roadway classifications.
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Maintenance Section Plan

Each maintenance section within the district will prepare a Snow and Ice Control Plan specific to its needs.

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  • personnel
  • equipment
  • materials.
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  • with other maintenance sections and districts
  • with law enforcement agencies, cities, counties and other states
  • with news media.
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  • safety
  • training
  • weather forecasting
  • aggregate and chemical use procedures
  • public information procedures
  • post-storm review
  • post-storm reporting
  • post-storm cleanup
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