Chapter 2: Materials


Section 1: Overview

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A variety of factors should be taken into account when deciding upon a course of action to treat roadways during a winter storm event. Product application combinations are chosen after maintenance personnel have evaluated many factors including, but not limited to:

Operational treatments are continuously evaluated before, during and after a winter storm. Road treatment and applications are modified through all phases of a storm based on careful analysis of intensity, duration and type of precipitation.

Whereas anti-icing operations are conducted to prevent the formation or development of bonded snow and ice for easy removal, de-icing operations are performed to break the bond of already bonded snow and ice. The AASHTO Winter Roadway Maintenance Computer-Based Training provides comprehensive training in all aspects of winter roadway maintenance. Each district has a copy. Check with your Director of Maintenance or Operations to locate your district's copy. It is important for maintenance personnel to understand the uses and limitations of each of the materials and techniques explained in this chapter.

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