Chapter 6: Personnel


Section 1: Responsibilities of Maintenance Supervisors

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Maintenance supervisors will be responsible for coordinating all activities within their geographical area of responsibility.

During instances of adverse weather, maintenance supervisors should monitor approaching weather by utilizing all available tools. Roadway conditions must be closely monitored and evaluated to ensure timely response by the crews.

Maintenance supervisors should notify their area engineer and the district maintenance office when resources are requested from outside the maintenance section. Maintenance supervisors should coordinate with outside agencies (city, county, law enforcement, adjacent counties, etc.) as necessary. Respective area engineer(s) and the district maintenance office should be consulted for assistance when this coordination is needed.

All winter storm events are not the same. Variations in temperature, amount of precipitation, existing conditions, and duration of storm all contribute to how the roadways and bridges are affected. Maintenance supervisors should evaluate all aspects of the storm and make any necessary adjustments to methods and procedures before the next occurrence.

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