Section 3: Personnel Scheduling

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Tracking Employees

During periods of snow and ice control, there should be a supervisor and dispatcher on duty to oversee and coordinate field operations. The location, arrival and departure times of field employees should be tracked to ensure safety of employees and adequate response time to potential roadway complaints.

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All personnel should be trained in proper procedures prior to being assigned snow and ice control duty. TxDOT employees have varying degrees of experience with snow and ice control. It is important to recognize levels of individual employee experience when assigning work activities. Those employees with greater experience should be considered for more critical work assignments. A list of suggested winter weather operations training can be found in Section 10.0 of the Texas Snow and Ice Control Plan.

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Scheduling Employees with Commercial Driver Licenses

Recent concerns about the effect of fatigue as a contributing factor in commercial motor vehicle crashes have brought about new rules concerning driver hours of service. The Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration publishes current requirements for all personnel with Commercial Driver Licenses. Maintenance supervisors should consider these requirements when scheduling personnel.

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Personal protective equipment for all employees should be considered during times of snow and ice control response. Appropriate quantities of items such as gloves, storm suits, other personal protective equipment, flashlights and batteries, windshield de-icer, wiper blades, etc., should be kept on hand to adequately respond to each event.

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