Section 4: Pre-wetted Solid Chemical Application Capability

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Benefits of Pre-Wetting Solid Chemicals

The pre-wetting of a solid chemical prior to spreading can improve the effectiveness of the solid chemical in many situations. A solid chemical requires energy to go into solution, and a dry solid chemical particle will remain inert until a liquid film forms. The solution process will be accelerated if pre-wetting is performed to the solid material. This is only one of the benefits of pre-wetting. Other advantages include:

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  • the solid chemical is spread more uniformly because of less waste from bouncing or traffic action (although not all waste is eliminated)
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  • wet granules adhere to the road surface better than dry granules
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  • there is a quicker and longer-lasting effect
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  • spreading speed can be increased.

The practical result is a reduction in the resources necessary for maintaining the highway since a lower application rate translates into a spreader load covering more area, often requiring less deadheading (returning to the barn empty) to obtain material.

A saddle tank is a useful means of pre-wetting
solid chemicals. (click in image to see full-size image) Anchor: #COFGFWCOgrtop

Figure 2-2. A saddle tank is a useful means of pre-wetting solid chemicals.

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