Chapter 7: Reporting


Section 1: Overview

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Why Reports are Important

Reporting is a very important and often overlooked component of a good overall snow and ice control plan. The ability to provide adequate and accurate information to the traveling public is critical to the department’s mission. A good reporting procedure will accomplish several goals that are important to TxDOT:

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  • the ability to provide timely and accurate information to the public. Public awareness of current roadway conditions can be a potentially life-saving service.
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  • the information contained in these reports can be invaluable to the department when responding to the media, complaints or litigation.
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  • the information can be used as a reference by supervisors and managers who are planning for future snow and ice events or requesting assistance in repairing damage to roadways due to severe snow and ice storms.

There are several levels of reporting that should be conducted during any snow or ice event. This chapter describes each level of reporting and its purpose.

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