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Section 4: Adopt a Highway Signs

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Procedures and requirements for the Adopt-a-Highway program can be found in the TAC Title 43, Section 12.3. This section provides guidelines for ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY signs. This program is managed by the Travel Information Division (TRV).

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Signing Guidelines

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) provides and installs ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY (D14-4T) signs displaying the participating group's name or acronym. The signs should be placed at each end of the adopted section of highway.

The sign may be mounted on an approved TxDOT sign support system.

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Sign Details

The ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY sign (D14-4T) measures 48 inches square and consists of two panels of equal size (Figure 8-1).

The top panel displays the legend: ADOPT A HIGHWAY NEXT X MILES. The text and border are white; the background is blue.

The bottom panel displays either:

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  • the participating group’s name or acronym (text and border white; background blue), or
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  • the message: THIS SECTION AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION and the appropriate district office telephone number (text and border blue; background white).

The bottom panel is designed to be easily removed or replaced when the participating group changes.

Sign example is illustrated in Figure 8-1. See Standard Highway Sign Designs for Texas (SHSD) for details.

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Traffic Control During Litter Pickup

TxDOT will furnish each organization a "Workers Ahead" symbol sign (CW21-1aT) to be used during litter pick-up. The sign will be made of alternative lightweight substrates.

ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY (D14-4T) sign assembly. (click in image to see full-size image) Anchor: #BVVFIDDYgrtop

Figure 8-1. ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY (D14-4T) sign assembly.

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