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Section 10: Elected Officials

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Offices of Elected US and State Officials

Districts may install standard (D23 series) signs with recommended 4-inch letters on conventional highways to indicate the local offices of U.S. and state representatives and senators in accordance with the criteria for state and federal government facilities outlined in the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD). The name of the elected official should be used on these signs. The representative or senatorial district number may also be included on the sign, but should not replace the name of the official. Phone numbers and physical or web addresses are not allowed on these signs.

The signs should be installed only when requested by the elected official. The distance restrictions in the signing criteria should be strictly followed. The signs may be installed on conventional highways only. Freeway and expressway main lane signing should be limited to the types of traffic generators listed for freeways. (Freeway frontage roads are considered conventional highways.)

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