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Section 2: General Guidelines

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Sign Visibility

Keeping the signs (especially regulatory and warning signs) clearly visible and unobscured by vegetation, snow, parked vehicles and other obstructions is an extremely important maintenance task.

Tree foliage, grass, and weeds are the most common obstructions to sign visibility on rural highways. When visibility cannot be maintained with normal right-of-way mowing operations, special mowing operations, trimming, or vegetation control with appropriate herbicides should be initiated. This should also include removing the growth obscuring STOP (R1‑1) and YIELD (R1‑2) signs on approach roads within the highway right-of-way.

Vegetative growth beyond the right-of-way that may obscure STOP (R1‑1) and YIELD (R1‑2) signs on approach roads should be called to the attention of the local authorities. These clearings should be of such width and length as to furnish maximum sign visibility to approaching traffic.

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When to Replace Signs

Time alone does not determine when to replace a sign. Signs facing the sun require replacement more frequently than those that do not. Vandalism is a major cause of sign replacement.

Sign replacement is required when either of the following occurs:

Maintenance personnel should use good judgment in determining whether to replace a sign or make repairs in the field. In borderline cases, the decision should be made in favor of replacement.

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Positioning Replaced Signs

When a sign is replaced, its position in relation to roadway centerline and pavement edge should always be in accordance with the latest revisions of the TMUTCD.

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Aluminum Sign Recycling

Reprocessable aluminum signs are to be palletized, banded and returned to the Regional Distribution Center (RDC). Extruded aluminum signs need to be broken down and banded and returned to the RDC.

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Sign Warranty

Signs made by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) are warranted for workmanship and for durability of sheeting.

Anchor: #i1014155TDCJ Sign Warranties

Type Defect

Warranty Period


90 days following installation

Physical Damage

90 days after receipt by districts


As specified in TxDOT Specification DMS-8300

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