Chapter 7: Guide Signs


Section 1: Overview

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Chapters 2D and 2E of the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways (TMUTCD) provide detailed information on the application of highway guide signs. TxDOT’s Sign Crew Field Book contains further detailed information on the types and uses of guide signs on conventional highways, including detailed discussions and illustrations of:

  • guide sign components
  • arrangement of guide signs on the sign assemblies
  • placement of guide signs at intersection approaches and departures.

This chapter provides additional information and guidelines specific to TxDOT operations. Guide signing for freeways, expressways, and certain divided highways is covered in Chapter 9 of this manual.

The recommendations and guidelines contained in this chapter should be treated as general goals intended to improve the guidance of motorists; they are not necessarily applicable to every situation.

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Purpose of Guide Signs

Guide signs are used to

  • guide motorists along streets and highways
  • inform motorists of intersecting routes
  • direct motorists to streets, highways, cities, towns, villages, or other important destinations
  • provide other information of value to road users.

Guide sign messages should generally be as simple and direct as possible.

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Use of Brown Background

Brown background color should be used for recreational, cultural interest, and historical areas signing.

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