Section 12: Public Beaches

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Senate Concurrent Resolution 46 of the 66th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, requested that the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) sign for free beach accessways and free beach-user parking areas. Minute Order No. 76653, dated January 23, 1980, directed the Engineer-Director to sign for warranted locations.

This section provides guidelines to administer this policy. Standard designs for the public beach access and parking signs (D24 Series) are included in Standard Highway Sign Designs for Texas (SHSD). Brown background color is used for recreational, cultural interest, and historical areas signing.

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Access Roads

Public beach access roads should be signed with an advance sign 0.25 to 0.5 miles in advance of the intersection, and a directional sign at the intersection.

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Parking Lots

When the public beach parking lot entrance fronts directly on a highway route, one advance sign should be installed 700 to 1500 feet in advance of the entrance, with a directional sign at the entrance. Multiple lots in the same vicinity with several access points on the same highway route should be numbered sequentially, and the number should be indicated on the appropriate signs.

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Funding of Signs

Funding for public beach access and parking signs comes from the appropriate district account.

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