Section 14: Radio Information Signs

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reserves certain AM broadcast frequencies for “travelers information stations.” The stations normally operate over a 2- to 10-mile radius and may broadcast information on:

  • traffic and travel advisories
  • availability of lodging, rest stops, and service stations
  • descriptions of points of interest
  • highway construction information
  • on-site disaster information
  • local emergency notifications
  • weather (rebroadcasts of NOAA Weather Radio information.

Specifically not allowed on the broadcasts are:

  • identification of commercial names
  • commercial messages.

Districts may contact the Traffic Operations Division (TRF) for information on obtaining a license to operate a travelers information stations. The stations are also discussed in the Radio Operations Volume of the Traffic Operations Manual.

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TxDOT installs and maintains signs identifying travelers information radio stations (D12-1 and D12-3) with the lead messages shown in the following table.

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Lead Message



Tourist Information radio stations are usually purchased and operated by a local chamber of commerce, convention center, or tourist bureau.


Weather Information Radio has had only limited use in far west Texas. The TMUTCD provides signing criteria for these stations.


Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) may be used on selected construction projects to enhance traffic operations.

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