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Section 3: Speed Limit Sign

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Speed Limit Sign

All speed limits must be set in compliance with Chapter 545, Subchapter H, of the Texas Transportation Code. Section 201.904 of the Texas Transportation Code provides the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) with the authority to install speed limit signs. A SPEED LIMIT sign (R2-1) that alters the statewide maximum speed limit for streets and highways can only be posted after an engineering speed zone study has been completed and a strip map has been approved by the TxDOT Traffic Operations Division (TRF) and the Texas Transportation Commission, or by city ordinance/resolution, if within the city limits. See Chapter 3 of Procedures for Establishing Speed Zones for more information.

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Reduced Speed Limit Ahead

TxDOT's standard sign for use in advance of a reduced speed zone is the fluorescent yellow REDUCED SPEED LIMIT AHEAD sign (W3-5).

It may be desirable to use the oversize SPEED LIMIT (R2-1, 36x48) sign on conventional highways, in cities or urban areas to emphasize the speed reduction location.

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