Section 21: WELCOME TO TEXAS Signs

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TxDOT installs WELCOME TO TEXAS signs on each interstate, U.S., and state highway entering the state. Materials for these signs may be obtained from the General Services Division’s Regional Distribution Centers.

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Texas Transportation Code, Section 201.617 requires the following elements on the WELCOME TO TEXAS sign:

  • a depiction of the state flag
  • the phrase “Drive Friendly — the Texas Way”
  • the phrase “Welcome to Texas — Proud Home of President George W. Bush.”

shows the WELCOME TO TEXAS sign. The sign background is reflective interstate green. The legend and border are reflective white. The flag is red, white, and blue, as per the state flag. The “Proud Home” plaque may be a separate attachment.

 WELCOME TO TEXAS sign for interstate highways. (click in image to see full-size image) Anchor: #i1003388

Figure 7-15. WELCOME TO TEXAS sign for interstate highways.

Sign Size. The size of the sign and the accompanying plaque depends on the type of highway on which it is used, as shown in the following table

Anchor: #i1006864Welcome to Texas Sign Sizes

Highway Type

Parent Sign



18 × 11

18 × 1.5

U.S. and State Routes

12 × 8

12 × 1

FM Routes

6 × 4

6 × 0.5

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WELCOME TO TEXAS signs should be erected as close to the state line as practical.

Interstate Routes. On interstate routes, districts should make sure the welcome sign does not conflict with existing signing and submit schematics showing the proposed location to the Traffic Operations Division (TRF) for review.

U.S. & State Highways. On U.S. and state highways, the welcome sign should be located within 500 feet of the border.

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