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Section 4: Narrow and One-Lane Bridges

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Narrow bridges with clear width between curbs less than 18 feet but more than 16 feet, and one lane bridges with clear width between curbs of 16 feet or less may require advisory speeds. As a rule, advisory speed zones should be applied for such structures when horizontal or vertical sight distance restrictions on the approaches require a reduction of approach speeds for safe operation. Advisory speeds of this type are intended to eliminate the element of surprise.

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Placement of Signs

The normal location of the W5-2 NARROW BRIDGE or W5-3 ONE LANE BRIDGE signs, under which a W13-1 ADVISORY SPEED sign would be mounted, is specified in the latest edition of the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices ( TMUTCD) (Table 2C-4). The signs may be located at a greater distance in advance of the bridge if necessary to allow sufficient time and distance for deceleration and may be repeated at the point where the structure first comes into view.

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