Section 5: Highway Performance Monitoring System Traffic Data

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The HPMS (accessible from a link on the TxDOT Internet at /transportation_planning_and_ programming/tpp_links.htm) is a federally mandated program used by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to provide data to Congress on the nation’s streets and highways. Congress uses the data for allocation of funds to states. Every state collects, maintains, and reports certain data to the FHWA each year according to the methods prescribed in the Highway Performance Monitoring System Field Manual (accessible from a link on the TxDOT Internet at /policy/ohpi/hpms/hpmspubs.htm) for the continuing analytical and statistical database.

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HPMS Data Collection

TxDOT uses the data and collection methods set forth in the HPMS Field Manual (accessible from a link on the TxDOT Internet at and the FHWA Traffic Monitoring Guide. The data are designed to provide an inventory of all on-system roads and other public roads that are functionally classified. Specific data collected under the HPMS program include location by jurisdiction, the number of lanes, median widths, shoulder widths, and other basic road attributes.TxDOT district offices collect, update, and submit the required information for roadways within their district to TPP. The data are collected between September 1 and December 31 each year and are submitted to TPP by December 31.

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HPMS Data Analysis

TxDOT uses the Texas Reference Marker System (TRM) database, which is a collection of roadway information, to compile the HPMS data. District offices can access the database to view and modify information on specific roads.

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HPMS Data Reporting

TxDOT prepares an annual report to FHWA on or before June 15th each year. The HPMS Field Manual details how to prepare this report.

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