Section 3: Mapping

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State Base Map Updates - Data Collection

DMS staff, with the assistance of other division staff and Design and Information Systems Divisions, gathers mapping information using sources such as CRIP data and United States Geological Service (USGS) maps. Other important data sources are aerial photographs from Design and Information Systems Divisions and construction plans from Design Division.

Two main products result from this functional area: the statewide base map and the railroad map, from which DMS produces the:

  • General Highway Map (includes on-system and off-system facilities)
  • Departmental Map (includes on-system roads only)
  • Railroad Map (references the General Highway Map and labels all railroad crossings).

When these maps are updated, ten copies are sent to FHWA, per its requirements.

The General Highway Map is created by compiling 732 county road maps.

The control/section map, intended for internal departmental use, is the map equivalent to the RIS. It drives establishment of construction projects.

The maps are public domain data used by all of the national mapping companies, USGS, and the strategic mapping initiative for state GIS.

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