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Section 13: Oracle PeopleSoft

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The TxDOT Financial Management Division (FIN) plays an important role in Texas Traffic Safety Program funds management. This section explains the Oracle PeopleSoft (OPS) system used by FIN to track and manage the federal, state, and local expenditures in support of the Texas Traffic Safety Program. The system uses alpha-numeric designators to track subgrantee expenditures by task as listed in the Highway Safety Plan (HSP).

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Oracle PeopleSoft (OPS)

OPS is TxDOT’s official record where all obligations and expenditures are recorded. The eGrants interface with OPS is responsible for entering information into OPS.

This section provides specific information on the Texas Traffic Safety Program’s relationship to OPS. OPS requires that various data elements be coded for the authorization of expenditures to be accepted into the system.

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Assignment of Charge Numbers

The TxDOT TRF-TS Planner inputs the elements required to build charge numbers. The eGrants system creates these unique charge numbers for each project. These numbers are stored in the eGrants database, displayed on all grant agreements, and passed to OPS via the eGrants-OPS interface. The charge numbers, along with other project details, are entered in OPS.

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