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Section 6: Grant Execution

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Effective Date

Yearlong traffic safety grant agreements are effective on October 1 (or upon approval, if after October 1). Effective dates of other types of grants may vary according to the nature of the grant. Project activity can begin and costs can be incurred on the day of grant execution.

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Grant Delivery Meeting

On the effective date, or within 30 days from the effective date, the Project Manager will schedule a grant delivery meeting with the subgrantee to review and discuss the terms of the agreement. This includes all types of grants (General, STEP Yearlong, Click It or Ticket Mobilization and Impaired Driving Mobilization).

The grant delivery meeting should be designed to meet the requirements of the subgrantee and TxDOT. For example, a subgrantee entering into its first agreement with TxDOT will require a thorough orientation of the agenda items identified later in this section. If the subgrantee has had many grants with TxDOT and has demonstrated good overall project performance, the delivery meeting can be abbreviated.

NOTE: The grant delivery meeting can be conducted in-person or virtually at the discretion of the TxDOT Project Manager.

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Meeting Participants

Subgrantee participants at the grant delivery meeting should include:

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  • The Project Director.
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  • The Fiscal Officer and accounting staff persons responsible for preparing the Request for Reimbursement (RFR).
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  • Subcontractors (when appropriate).
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  • Other staff that will participate in project activity, especially those who will be responsible for completing reports and preparing RFRs.

TxDOT staff attending may include:

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Meeting Agenda

Basic items that need to be covered and explained in detail to the subgrantee staff include:

Points of contact (telephone numbers and email addresses) should be established at the meeting.

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Record of Meeting

The Project Manager is required to make a record of the meeting by completing and submitting a Grant Delivery Meeting Report through eGrants.

Steps for submitting a Grant Delivery Meeting Report are outlined below.

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  1. Select “Create New” under “Subgrantee Monitoring.”
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  3. Select “I agree” when prompted “Are you sure you want to create a monitoring report?”
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  5. Click on “View, Edit and Complete Forms” and select “Grant Delivery Meeting.”
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  7. Complete and save the form.
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  9. Change the status of the form by going to the “Change Status” section of the grant menu to “Subgrantee Monitoring Submitted.”
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