Chapter 5: Project Administration

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Section 1: Grant Management and Administration

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The TxDOT Traffic Operations Division - Traffic Safety Section (TRF-TS) employee responsible for the day-to-day oversight of a grant is called the Project Manager. The Project Manager is responsible for tasks associated with grant agreement preparation, execution, or administration. Failure to perform these tasks correctly can result in significant grant management and payment problems.

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Cost Eligibility

If a subgrantee begins work before the grant agreement is fully executed, the subgrantee does so at their own cost. Costs incurred before the grant agreement is signed by TxDOT are not eligible for reimbursement. Costs incurred after the grant agreement expires are also not eligible for reimbursement.

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Advances Prohibited

Payment will not be made before costs are incurred (when a recorded liability exists or a cash disbursement has been made). For more information, see “Reimbursement” in Chapter 4, Section 3.

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Grant Administration Tasks

Project Managers will monitor and evaluate the subgrantee’s performance. Monitoring can be accomplished by site visits, telephone contact, or reviewing Performance Reports and Requests for Reimbursement (RFRs) from the subgrantee. See Chapter 6 for specific details regarding monitoring.

Project Managers or Program Managers will expedite RFR processing without unnecessary delays.

The Project Manager or Program Manager will not:

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  • Impose any task upon the subgrantee or permit any substitute activity not specifically provided for in the grant agreement.
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  • Give direction to the subgrantee or to employees of the subgrantee, except as provided in this document.
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  • Approve expenses for activities that do not meet project performance specifications contained in the grant agreement.
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  • Authorize expenditure of funds except in accordance with the specific terms of the grant agreement.
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  • Offer advice to the subgrantee that may adversely affect project performance, compromise TxDOT’s rights, or provide the basis of a claim against TxDOT that may affect any pending or future determination of fault or negligence.
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  • Authorize or agree to any change in the grant agreement, standard provisions, certifications, project period, delivery schedule, maximum amount eligible for reimbursement, or other terms and conditions of the grant agreement, unless such change is specifically authorized in the grant agreement.
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  • Promise or infer that a future grant for another year is approved prior to TxDOT TRF approval.
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