Chapter 7: Program Closeout


Section 1: Overview

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This chapter addresses the activities that occur after the cessation of Texas Behavioral Traffic Safety Program project and program activity for a given fiscal year.

Project closeout activities begin when all required Performance Reports and final Requests for Reimbursement (RFRs) have been received. When final claims are processed, the TxDOT Financial Management Division’s (FIN’s) procedures for preparation of the submittal of the final federal reimbursement must be followed. Included in this process is the final determination of what program funds were actually expended and what the underrun amount is for carry forward to the next program year. Part of this process also involves the final determination of how much Section 402 funds were expended for local benefit (40 percent minimum required) and that the state and local match to the program met or exceeded the required minimum of 20 percent.

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