Section 2: Project Closeout and Final Federal Reimbursement

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Final Federal Voucher

TxDOT has until December 31 of each year to turn in the Texas Behavioral Traffic Safety Program Annual Report to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which includes closing out the fiscal portion of the program. Final Requests for Reimbursement (RFRs) are due from subgrantees no later than 45 days after the end of the fiscal year. Between the RFR due date and December 1, the TxDOT Traffic Safety Division-Behavioral Traffic Safety Section (TRF-BTS) processes the RFRs to the TxDOT Financial Management Division (FIN). FIN sets a date each year when final RFRs are due.

NOTE: RFRs received after the deadline cannot be processed and approved for payment. FIN requires about two weeks to process RFRs and to complete the final voucher.

NOTE: Subgrantees will be liable to pay monetary damages for any shortfall of match.

Federal law also requires that the final voucher’s local benefit must equal at least 40 percent of total State and Community Highway Safety Program (402) funds expended to date, and that state and local funds match at least 20 percent of the total (federal, state, and local) program expenditures.

Final vouchers are submitted to NHTSA in the same manner as progress vouchers. They are routed through TRF-BTS so that the final Highway Safety Program Cost Summary Form can be reconciled with the final voucher.

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After the final voucher has been submitted, FIN closes out each project number for that fiscal year. After the closeout is completed, the automated accounting system does not allow an expenditure to be charged for that fiscal year.

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