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Section 6: Project Development Process

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Traffic safety projects are initiated as a result of several types of “needs,” including:

Proposals are sought annually from all interested parties for projects to be included in the following year’s Highway Safety Plan (HSP). TRF-TS develops the Request for Proposals (RFP) and associated documents each fiscal year based on the priority traffic safety performance goals detailed in the HSP.

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Project Development Process

The project development process consists of the following steps:

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  1. Problem identification (discussed in Section 3 of this chapter).
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  3. Community needs assessment (discussed in Section 3 of this chapter).
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  5. Countermeasure selection and strategy (discussed under the following subheading).
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  7. Evaluation planning (discussed in Chapter 6, Sections 6 and 7).
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  9. Proposal development (discussed in Chapter 3).
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  11. Negotiation (discussed in Chapter 4, Section 2).
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  13. Consensus (agreement between the proposing agency and TxDOT on grant agreement content).
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  15. Approval (discussed in Chapter 4, Sections 4 and 5).
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  17. Implementation or project activation (discussed under “Implementation or Project Activation” later in this section).
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Countermeasure Selection

In selecting countermeasures, both the target audience and the target area must be clearly identified (see the following examples).

Anchor: #i1008264Example Target Audiences and Target Areas

Target Audiences:

Target Areas:

Impaired drivers

northeast quadrant of city

Speeding motorists

a specific segment of the roadway during nighttime, on weekends, or during daylight hours

Unbuckled vehicle occupants.


Countermeasures should be such that a “reasonable person” would believe they would produce effective results and should relate directly to the problem identification and community assessment addressed in the problem statement.

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Implementation or Project Activation

Project implementation or activation includes the following:

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Grant Agreement Content

The key elements of a grant agreement are:

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Proposed projects must support the goals and strategies established for the program areas in the HSP. Grant agreements implement the HSP. Chapter 3 of this manual details the specifics of developing grant agreement proposals specifically for the Texas Traffic Safety Program.

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