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Section 5: Resolving Audit Findings Pertaining to Site Audits

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Site Audits

Upon request, or as a result of their annual risk assessment, TxDOT may perform audits of TRF subrecipients. These audits will follow TxDOT policies and procedures and will include coordination and communication with the Traffic Safety Division (TRF) as needed.

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Division Responsibility

The TxDOT Financial Management Division (FIN) is responsible for:

TRF is responsible for:

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Types of Findings

There are three possible types of audit findings for which resolution may be required. They are:

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Handling of Refunds

When FIN receives a refund check from a subgrantee, FIN provides TRF-BTS with a copy of the deposit voucher for the grant file of record. TRF-BTS may then close the grant agreement file.

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Letters of Appeal

A subgrantee that disagrees with the findings must follow TxDOT’s current formalized appeals process.

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File of Record

Audits deal with matters of legal consequence to both subgrantees and TxDOT. Therefore, it is necessary that all audit-related communications be documented in the official TxDOT grant agreement files. Project manager diligence in assuring that copies of all such records are provided to TRF-BTS files is of major importance.

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Questions about procedures for notifying subgrantees of audit citations may be directed to the appropriate project manager of TRF-BTS.

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