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Section 4: RFR Review and Processing

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The Project Manager reviews and verifies Requests for Reimbursement (RFRs). After review and verification, the TxDOT Financial Management Division (FIN) pays the subgrantee. This section explains RFR review and processing.

NOTE: RFRs will not be approved for payment without the approval of a Performance Report for the corresponding period. Final RFRs will not be approved for payment without approval of the final Performance Report.

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In reviewing the RFR, the Project Manager will verify that:

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  • All entries, extensions, and attachments are correct.
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  • Each item is clearly identified.
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  • Documentation to substantiate the expenditures, or summaries of documentation for salaries and fringe benefits, has been submitted.

If the review of the RFR reveals errors, incomplete information or other problems, the Project Manager can send the RFR back to the subgrantee by changing the status of electronically submitted RFRs through eGrants to “Modifications in Progress” to allow a subgrantee to make any necessary corrections.

NOTE: Project Managers must follow up on any RFR that has been sent back for modifications to ensure the subgrantee has resubmitted the RFR to TxDOT for approval by changing the status to “RFR Submitted.” If an error is detected after the RFR has been processed, the Project Manager will prepare an e-mail or a message through eGrants (as appropriate) requesting the subgrantee to make an adjustment on the next RFR. If the final RFR has been processed, the subgrantee will have to issue a refund check to TxDOT if they were overpaid. If underpaid, the subgrantee will be asked in writing to submit a revised final RFR.

The Project Manager will review RFRs and complete the Review Comments page of the RFR. There are three questions on this page that the Project Manager must answer concerning budget and supporting documentation submitted by the subgrantee. A comments box is also included on the page to allow the Project Manager the opportunity to provide any comments.

See eGrants Project Grading System Guidance for detailed information on reviewing and documenting Performance Reports and RFRs submitted via eGrants.

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Approval for Payment

After reviewing and verifying the RFR, the appropriate TxDOT roject manager will complete and approve the RFR in eGrants by changing the status of the RFR to “RFR Approved.”

NOTE: It is imperative that the Traffic Operations Division - Traffic Safety Section (TRF-TS) assign a high priority to RFRs in order for TxDOT to make payments in a timely manner.

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Submission to Financial Management Division

After approval of RFRs by the appropriate Project Manager or TSS, the RFRs are electronically forwarded to the TxDOT Financial Management Division (FIN) through eGrants for payment.

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Process Overview

See the eGrants RFR Approval Process Workflow for an overview of the RFR approval process.

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Project Celebration Mini-Grants

Payments for Project Celebration mini-grants will be processed through eGrants. See Project Celebration Instructions located on the eGrants Help Page for details.

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Questions and Assistance

Questions concerning the information to be verified, or whether specific information on the RFR is correct, may be directed to TRF-TS.

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