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Section 4: Signature Authority

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Signature authority for traffic safety grants and contracts, assurances, certifications, and other documents is delegated to various levels within the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The TxDOT Legal Manual, Chapter 3, and the General Services Division (GSD) Contract Services website describes signature authority for the Texas Traffic Safety Program .

NOTE: The Legal Manual and the GSD Contract Services website is accessible online only through the TxDOT network.

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Signature Authority

The following table lists signature authority related to the Texas Traffic Safety Program:


Signature Authority

Highway Safety Performance Plan (HSPP)

Approved by the Texas Transportation Commission; TxDOT Executive Director signs Minute Order

Certifications and Assurances of the Highway Safety Performance Plan

Division Director, TxDOT Traffic Operations Division (TRF)

Federal Cooperative Agreements

Division Director, TxDOT TRF

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Agreements

Division Director, TxDOT TRF

Federal Grant Applications

Division Director, TxDOT TRF

Interagency Cooperation Contracts (for amounts less than $50,000)

Division Director, TxDOT TRF

Interagency Cooperation Contracts (for amounts of $50,000 or more)

Director of Contract Services, TxDOT General Services Division or GSD Division Director

Traffic Safety Program Grant Agreements and Amendments (any amount)

Division Director, TxDOT TRF

Traffic Safety Program Grant Agreements and Amendments less than $100,000 (local projects)

TxDOT District Engineer

State Vouchers for Federal Reimbursement

Grant Accountant, TxDOT Finance Division

Project Celebration Agreements

TxDOT District Engineer

Request to NHTSA to Purchase Equipment (greater than $5,000) with Federal Funds

Director, Traffic Safety Section, TxDOT Traffic Operations Division (TRF-TS)

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Further Delegation of Signature Authority

Unless prohibited in the delegation, the person with authority to sign a specific document may further delegate to appropriate employees after following the procedures listed below.

  1. Give written notification to the employee, describing the specific grant or document and the extent of the signature authority and responsibility.
  2. Send a copy of the delegating memo to the appropriate office as identified in the following table.

If the delegation involves…

Then send the memo to…

Any grant

TxDOT General Services Division — Contract Services Section (GSD-CSS)

Any purchase

Purchasing Section, TxDOT General Services Division (GSD)

Voucher Batch Cover or Invoice Approval

TxDOT Finance Division (FIN)

Other official document

Responsible TxDOT district, division, or office

In the absence of the TxDOT Traffic Operations Division (TRF) director, signature authority is delegated to the following individuals in the order noted:

  1. the TRF Traffic Safety Section director, or
  2. other TRF section directors.

For more information on delegation of signature authority, see the TxDOT Legal Manual, Chapter 3 or the GSD Contract Services website (links accessible only within the TxDOT network).

The TxDOT district engineer, division director, or office director may submit a consolidated listing of employees to whom he or she is delegating. Although the administering division may not require signature cards, they should be submitted with the delegations. If there is a change in the name or functional title of the person receiving the delegation, or if authority to sign the grant will no longer be delegated, then the delegation should be revised in writing and a copy of the revised delegation and signatures should be sent to the appropriate office.

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Specific Authority to Contract

Specific authority to contract derives from Government Code, Title 7, Intergovernmental Relations, Chapter 771, Interagency Cooperation Contract, § 771.003. Authority to Contract; Exceptions. For more information on authority to contract, see the TxDOT Contract Services Home Page (link accessible only within the TxDOT network).

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