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Section 8: Training

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Traffic safety personnel have a continuing need to improve their management and technical capabilities through training and professional development. The TxDOT Traffic Safety Division - Behavioral Traffic Safety Section (TRF-BTS) has taken the lead in establishing and coordinating a system of professional development for persons involved in traffic safety. Emphasis is placed on locating or developing training that will enhance the knowledge and skills of TxDOT staff and project personnel.

TxDOT provides opportunities for staff and project personnel to participate in various TxDOT management and other training programs. TRF-BTS develops and coordinates training for traffic safety staff. TxDOT training will be provided through workshops and other modes in an effort to make training readily available to all and to limit costs. In addition, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has developed a series of training courses to support traffic safety efforts around the country.

Traffic safety training:

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  • Transfers important knowledge, skills, and expertise to police, prosecutors, and other traffic safety professionals.
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  • Provides traffic safety professionals with essential information and tools.
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  • Promotes the enforcement of occupant protection, impaired driving, and other traffic safety laws.
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  • Facilitates communication and cooperation among diverse interests.
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  • Supports community efforts to make our streets and highways safer.
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  • Improves the quality and financial integrity of traffic safety programs and projects.

NHTSA offers a variety of professional development courses. For more information see the Course Catalogue on the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology Transportation Safety Institute Website.

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The success of traffic safety programs often depends on how well people are trained. In addition to professional development training, other training is available to support program efforts. For more information on training opportunities, contact TRF-BTS.

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