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Section 5: TxDOT Approval

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TxDOT Review

When the TxDOT signatory executes a grant agreement by signing it, he or she is certifying that the agreement:

Therefore, before approval, Project Managers will review all grant agreements for form and content, applicable provisions, eligibility of costs, consistency, and accuracy.

NOTE: If the prospective subgrantee is a first-time, non-governmental subgrantee to be provided traffic safety funding, or if the subgrantee is unfamiliar with handling federal grant funds, then it will be necessary to request a pre-negotiation or pre-award audit in accordance with 2 C.F.R. Part 200. This audit can be requested by writing to TxDOT’s Compliance Division (CMP).

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When Problems Are Found

If the district or the Traffic Operations Division (TRF) detects problems with a grant agreement, the agreement is returned for resolution of the problems before signing.

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Changes During Review and Approval

A change made during the approval process could jeopardize the mutual agreement unless all parties acknowledge and accept the change. Therefore, any proposed change must be discussed with all parties before the change is made.

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TxDOT Signature Authority

For information on TxDOT signature authority, see Chapter 1, Section 6, of this manual. Also, Chapter 3 of the TxDOT Legal Manual describes signature authority for the Texas Traffic Safety Program. (Note: The Legal Manual is accessible online only through the TxDOT network).

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For paper executed grants (prior to 2018), one original agreement document is prepared and is kept in the TxDOT file of record. For electronically executed grants, the agreement can be found in eGrants.

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