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Section 7: Agreement Preparation and Coordination

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The Traffic Operations Division (TRF) prepares the agreement, using the completed layout prepared by the district as Exhibit A. TRF requests cost estimates and a wiring diagram from the railroad. TRF then prepares the project plans (Exhibit B) and coordinates the approval of the agreement. TRF distributes copies of the signed agreement and approved plans and estimates as appropriate.

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Exhibit B Plan Preparation

TRF prepares Exhibit B of the agreement. Exhibit B normally consist of:

  • a title sheet
  • layout sheets (Exhibit A)
  • wiring diagrams
  • railroad crossing warning signal device standard and railroad crossing pavement marking standard.

The district furnishes the title sheet and layouts. The title sheet and layouts must be signed, sealed, and dated by a registered professional engineer.

The railroad furnishes the wiring diagram.

TRF adds the standard design sheets.

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TRF distributes copies of the signed agreement and approved plans and estimates (Exhibit B) to:

  • the district
  • the Finance Division (FIN)
  • the Design Division (DES)
  • the railroad
  • FHWA (if required — see following subheading).
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FHWA Approval

FHWA approval may be required if unusual or unique work (such as crossing consolidation or elimination of safety hazards and sight obstructions in lieu of installing warning devices)is called for.

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Master Agreements

Master agreements are in place with each railroad company that receives new projects on a regular basis and are the preferred contracting instrument under the railroad dedicated fund programs. Master agreements are updated each year by adding an Exhibit L (List of Projects) to the original master agreement. This eliminates the need for a separate agreement each year or for each project, saving administrative time and resources.

The agreement covers construction and maintenance details for preparing and approving plans, specifications, and estimates; issuance of work order; sub contracting requirements; federal-aid policy guide requirements; methods of payment; and conditions for reimbursement.

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Individual Project Agreements

For railroads or projects not under a master agreement, TRF prepares and negotiates a separate project agreement. In addition to the items required in a master agreement, individual project agreements should include project data (location, county, control-section-job number, highway name, project number, and DOT number). Additional condition clauses in the event the project is canceled prior to letting, etc. may also be necessary.

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TRF coordinates all comments from participating parties (districts, railroad companies, industries, counties, cities, etc.) and prepares all necessary agreements. TRF also acts as liaison in negotiations with all parties involved.

TRF reviews the Exhibit A project layouts and traffic control plans, and prepares and sends the approved Exhibit B project plans and work order to the railroad companies.

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