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Section 2: Plan Layout (Exhibit A)

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The applicant, with guidance from the district, should prepare plan layouts to serve as Exhibit A in the agreement. These layouts are similar to the preliminary layouts the district prepares for a diagnostic inspection (see Chapter 6, Section 6 of this volume).

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Site Inspection

The Traffic Operations Division (TRF) arranges a site inspection with representatives from the district, TRF, and the applicant (railroad, industry, or both) involved to determine:

  • type of traffic control devices to use
  • location of signals and other appurtenances
  • length and type of crossing pavement to be installed
  • location and size of drainage structures, if needed
  • any other features to be located in the plan layout.

Finalization of Exhibit

The applicant or district (depending on who is doing the work) adds the agreed upon features to the exhibit. If the applicant finalizes the exhibit, the applicant then furnishes a reproducible tracing to the district for review. The district then forwards it to TRF for inclusion in the agreement.

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