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Section 5: Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (Exhibit B)

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The approved plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E) for that portion of the project involving the railroad company is called Exhibit B and is part of the agreement between TxDOT and the railroad. Exhibit B is typically prepared after the agreement is signed.

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The district prepares the PS&E package and submits it to the Design Division (DES) for review and processing for contract letting.

NOTE: The PS&E Submission Data form (TxDOT Form 1002) should include railroad information on page 2.

NOTE: The Special Provision to Item 007 for Railroad Protective Liability Insurance should be included in the specification list.

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Review and Approval

DES reviews and approves the PS&E and prepares the Exhibit B for submission to the railroad. If the fiber optics note is not shown in the plans, the note should be added to the general notes.

DES furnishes the approved Exhibit B to the Traffic Operations Division (TRF) for transmittal to the railroad company for their final approval.

Upon approval by the railroad, TRF forwards a copy of the approved Exhibit B to DES and FHWA (if required).

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