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Section 5: Project Execution

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Work Order

After all materials are assembled, delivered to the job site, and a crew is scheduled, the district issues the work order to the railroad at the railroad’s request.

The district should send a copy of the work order to the Traffic Operations Division (TRF) and the Finance Division (FIN). The work order authorizes payment to the railroad.

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Pre-construction Meeting

A pre-construction meeting is recommended and is the district’s responsibility. Representatives from TxDOT, the railroad, and their respective contractors should attend the meeting so that work can be coordinated. The construction schedule and individual points of concern should be discussed and any scheduling conflicts identified and resolved.

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The district inspects the work performed by the railroad and verifies that the work complies with the approved plans and specifications.

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Completion Letter

The district issues the completion letter to the railroad when the project is complete. A copy of the completion letter should be sent to TRF and FIN. The completion letter authorizes final payment to the railroad.

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