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Section 7: Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons

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The 2011 Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD) includes the Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons (PHB) for use at marked crosswalks which are not managed by a traffic control device such as a traffic signal or stop signs.

A PHB is a pedestrian-activated warning device located on the roadside, or on mast arms over midblock pedestrian crossings. The beacon head consists of two red lenses above a single yellow lens. The beacon head is dark until the pedestrian wanting to cross the roadway presses the button and activates the beacons.

This device provides an additional tool for improving the safety of crosswalks when traffic signals do not meet warrants. PHB's should be used in conjunction with signs and pavement markings to warn and control traffic at locations where pedestrians enter or cross a street or highway.

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All of the following conditions must be met before PHB can be considered on our roadways:

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  • an engineering study must be performed and meet the guidelines detailed in Chapter 4F of the TMUTCD.
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  • an established crosswalk with adequate visibility, markings and signs.
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  • a posted speed limit of 40 mph or less (does not include school speed zones).
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  • 20 pedestrians or more crossing in one hour.
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  • location deemed as a high risk area (e.g. schools, shopping centers, etc.).
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  • crosswalk is more than 300 ft. from an existing, traffic controlled pedestrian crossing.

Districts must receive Traffic Safety Division (TRF) approval for installation of a PHB for each location.

You can reference Appendix A of NCHRP Report 562, “Guidelines for Pedestrian Crossing Treatments” for additional information on PHB.

If the proposed location meets the criteria listed above for a PHB, please submit to the Traffic Safety Division for approval.

Sequence for a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (click in image to see full-size image) Anchor: #XLECLVIIgrtop

Figure 5-4. Sequence for a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon

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