Chapter 2: Requests for Traffic Signals

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Section 1: Sources of Requests

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Requests for traffic signal installations may originate from either of the following sources:

From Within the District. TxDOT personnel should be sufficiently aware of conditions on all highways in their respective districts in order to initiate requests through the district traffic engineer for studies at locations where the need for an installation appears evident.

From Outside the District. A request for a traffic signal installation may be initiated by any of the following parties outside of the district:

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Requests from Unincorporated Areas

Individuals. In unincorporated areas, requests from individuals and public or private organizations should be by letter or email, preferably with a description of the perceived problem.

Counties. Requests from a county should be by official letter from the county judge, or by resolution of the county commissioner’s court.

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Requests from Incorporated Areas

At locations in incorporated areas, requests should be made through the proper city authority, such as the city council, mayor, or city manager. The request should be forwarded in the form of a letter to the TxDOT district. The letter should be accompanied by:

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Requests from Private Organizations

Occasionally, traffic signals are installed at intersections of private driveways with state routes. A private driveway intersecting a state route requires a driveway permit. The issuance of a driveway permit should be contingent on TxDOT’s approval of an impact study of the area to be developed. This impact study should include a traffic signal study. If TxDOT determines that the proposed development will create enough traffic to cause undue traffic delays and hazards, then the district notifies the private organization that a traffic signal must be installed before the driveway is opened to the public.

If a traffic signal is authorized at a private driveway, the private driveway should have sufficient channelization, acceleration and deceleration lanes, or pavement markings at the intersection.

Funding. TxDOT does not fund the installation of traffic signals for private driveways intersecting state routes. The private organization must fund the installation of the traffic signal through a third party agreement.

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