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Section 7: Traffic Survey Count Analysis

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Count Data Processing

Vehicle and pedestrian count data must be tabulated and checked against established traffic signal warrants. The vehicle data is recorded on the Vehicle Volume Summary Sheet. The pedestrian data is recorded on the Pedestrian Volume Summary Sheet.

The tabulation and checking can be accomplished manually or by using an automated system.

Manual Method. Manual tabulation is accomplished by transferring the data to the Traffic Survey — Count Analysis Form (discussed under the following subheading).

Automated Methods. Traffic count data may be transferred into an automated system for tabulation and checking against warrants. Districts may use commercially available software for this purpose. Also available for use is a traffic signal warrant excel worksheet developed by TxDOT personnel. A copy of this Excel file can be provided by the Traffic Safety Division upon request.

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The Traffic Survey — Count Analysis Form

The Traffic Survey — Count Analysis Form is used to compare the data from the traffic study with the accepted signal warrants. The form shows the following information:

This form shows both rural and urban warrants; therefore, the warrants applied should be indicated on the form (See Appendix A).

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