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Section 4: Calculating Totals

This is the final step in completing your work on Form 1617A, and it is a very important one. After you have finished your shift of recording classified vehicles and transferring the hourly data to the blocks for each direction of traffic flow, you must now sum the counts within each block following these directions in the order as written:

First. Add the counts from left to right across each row and enter the sum of that row into the far-right Total column of each block. You must do this for each row (each counting hour) of your shift and for each block that you used for the assigned count.

Second. Add the counts in each vehicle classification column from top to bottom and enter the total on the bottom Total row of each block under the appropriate classification column. Do this for each block that you used for the assigned count.

Third. Add the totals across the bottom row of each block from left to right, and enter the sum into the bottom-right corner of each block. On a separate notepad or with a calculator, add all the numbers in the far-right Total column from top to bottom for each block. The Total column sum that you just calculated must match the sum that you wrote in the bottom-right corner — if it does not, a mistake has been made that requires action. You must find all calculation errors within the block and make corrections until the two sums match.

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