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Section 3: Counting Station

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Locating Station

Using information from the schedule, note the following information for the counting station:

  • county
  • assigned highway legs
  • GPS latitude and longitude decimal readings

Find the general location using a map. Find the exact location using a GPS receiver with decimal readout. The schedule will provide the decimal latitude and longitude for each station location.

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Review any special parking instructions on the schedule. Select a parking place that provides a clear view of the traffic flow for the particular type of assigned count: two-, three-, or four-way count.

Keep these points in mind while selecting a parking place:

  • You must park at least 15’ from the travel lane, or behind a barrier
  • You must park behind a barrier when counting between a highway and access road
  • Do not park any part of your vehicle on the roadway or shoulder
  • Do not park within the median of a divided highway
  • Do not block private driveways or access to mailboxes
  • Do not trespass onto private property
  • Do not restrict visibility of other drivers
  • Do not obstruct highway signs and markers
  • Do not shine headlights into traffic
  • Do not allow an open door to protrude into a lane of traffic
  • Do not cause unsafe conditions for other drivers or pedestrians; be alert for pedestrians around you
  • Do not impede passing traffic
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Posting State Traffic Survey Sign

Remember that while outside the vehicle and in the highway right of way, you must wear the proper headgear, safety vest, and steel-toed shoes.

Using a sandbag or other heavy anchor, place the Traffic Survey sign near the road within 10’ of the shoulder so it is visible by passing traffic. Do not place the sign in a lane of traffic.

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Leaving Site

While wearing the required headgear, safety vests, and steel-toed shoes, remove the State Traffic Survey sign. Check around your vehicle and ensure that you did not leave any litter at the counting location.

Very cautiously, proceed back onto the roadway, yielding the right of way to traffic.

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