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Section 2: Reviewing Assigned Schedule

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Schedule Information

Each member of the traffic counter crew should review the assigned schedule and identify the following information:

  • date of the counting assignment
  • hours for the counting shift
  • map location of the counting site, including
    • county
    • TxDOT District
  • counting station’s identification number
  • GPS decimal coordinates for latitude and longitude
  • type of count
    • directional (two directions of traffic flow)
    • three-way (three directions of traffic flow)
    • four-way (four directions of traffic flow)
  • highway number (the leg of traffic to be counted)
    • a single lane or multilane road flowing in one direction indicates one leg.
  • direction (direction of traffic flow from the station location)
    • north
    • south, etc.
  • Nearest town in direction of traffic flow
    • nearest town northward
    • nearest town southward, etc.
  • destination route to counting site
    • check the planned route for road conditions (see Chapter 2, Section 5.)
    • estimate drive time to arrive safely and ensure proper setup
  • any special instructions on the assigned schedule
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