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Section 4: Synchronizing Timepiece

The required time format for traffic counting is the 24-hour clock notation with 00:00 being midnight. Before each shift, traffic counters must set the minute hand of their timepieces to ensure they are synchronized with the official time. Official time is attained using either the Internet or the telephone.

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Using the Internet for Official Time

Traffic counters can obtain the official time by clicking on the desired time zone from this Web site:

NOTE: While most of Texas lies in the Central Time Zone, traffic counts in the following Texas counties are in the Mountain Time Zone: El Paso County, Hudspeth County, and the northwest corner of Culberson County.

Mountain Standard Time Zone (in pink)

The rest of Texas is in Central Time Zone.

 (click in image to see full-size image)

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Using the Telephone for UTC Time

Traffic counters who obtain Coordinated Universal Time (also referred to as UTC Time) by telephone must call the following (toll) number:


Ignoring the hour (which designates a universal time), counters must set the minute hands on their timepieces to match the telephoned recording.

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