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Section 3: Definitions

Manual Bank Board

The board holding the keys or buttons of a tally counter which is used to manually record vehicle classification counts.

Manual Counts

Measurement of traffic characteristics based on human observation in combination with a manual device. The terms manual counts and visual counts are used interchangeably.


A detachable trailer for hauling freight with wheels at the rear end, and the forward end being supported by the rear of a truck or tractor.

Tally Counter

The mechanical equipment that traffic counters use to manually record the number of vehicles – by classification – during a manual vehicle classification count. This equipment is also known as a traffic recorder.

Traffic Counter

Personnel who count vehicles in a stream of traffic.

Traffic Counter Crew

The number of traffic counters counting vehicles in a stream of traffic over the entire time period.

Traffic Data

Individual facts, statistics, or items of information on traffic.

Traffic Recorder

Portable traffic monitoring equipment that personnel use to manually tally classes of vehicles. This equipment is also known as a Tally Counter.

Traffic Volume

The most basic form of traffic data collection. The total number of all vehicles at a given checkpoint. Each vehicle, regardless of body style or number of axles, counts as one volume.

Truck, Tractor, Straight Truck Power Unit

These terms are used interchangeably to indicate a powerful motor-driven vehicle designed for hauling a trailer or semitrailer.

Vehicle Classification

The measurement, summarization and reporting of traffic volume by vehicle type and axle configuration. Traffic counters must use the 13-category classification scheme recommended by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

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