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Section 3: Data Maintenance Responsibility

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In the past, many of the duties associated with maintaining roadway information were primarily the responsibility of TPP. Through TRM processing, TPP shares the responsibility of data maintenance with all district offices and Construction Division.

TPP’s primary role is ensuring that the network alignment and highway mileages are accurate. Both state and federal reporting rely on TRM to provide the most current maintained-highway mileage accurately:

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The initial reference marker to any new roadway construction


  • The initial reference marker on a new route
  • The roadbed configuration of each new route or segment



Routes or segments due to route realignment or redesignation


Automated Road Inventory (ARI) diagrams

Click this link for your district’s TRM analyst.

The District’s role is adding all data about the highways and their attributes and features:

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Proper placement of reference markers on the construction plans


  • Al l pavement-related data attributes
  • New or moved reference markers in the field and database; removes deleted reference markers from the field and database



Automated Road Inventory diagrams; creates/modifies interchange drawings for the ARI diagrams

The Construction Division’s role is:

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Axle, gross, and tandem load limits for each route

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