Chapter 14: Texas Highway Designation Files

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Section 1: What is the Highway Designation File?

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The Texas Highway Designation Files (THDF) contain highway designation history since September 1939, when the Transportation Commission of that time approved the General Redesignation of the State Highway System.

The THDF is located on the TPP Intranet and Internet Websites, as well as the TxDOT homepage. You can research any designated highway in Texas by the highway system (i.e., Interstate Highway, Farm to Market Road) and the highway’s number.

Also included on the website are:

  • The description of the highway designation process is located on the highway search page
  • The glossary contains explanations of terms specific to the Highway Designation Files
  • The historical facts pages contain information about the history of TxDOT and the highways
  • The district/county list contains all 254 Texas counties with the corresponding district numbers in parentheses.
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